Jendela Aluminium Jungkit
Jendela Aluminium Jungkit
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17 Jun 2021
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Specification of Jendela Aluminium Jungkit

Selling Cheap Aluminum Windows, types of seesaw openings, swing openings for YKK, Alexindo, Alakasa, Alutama, ATA Aluminum are available here.

Material specification :

1. Aluminum Window Material Ex. YKK, Alakasa, Alexindo or Alcomexindo, Alutama, ATA Aluminum

2. Finish Anodize CA / Silver, Brown, Black Or Finish Powder Coating

3. Thickness of Aluminum Window Profile 1.2 mm

4. Hardware / Lock Brand: Dekson, Kend, Cisa, Dorma Etc.

5. Aluminum Window Types:

   Aluminum Swing Window

   Aluminum Sliding Window

   Aluminum Folding Window

   Aluminum Pivot Window

6. Types of Glass: Plain, Heat, Rayband, Stopsol, Ice Glass Etc. Ex. Asahimas


Aluminum Window prices vary greatly. Some things that cause differences in the price of aluminum windows are:

Type of material / raw material used. Some products have different qualities and prices. Such as YKK Aluminum Window Products, Alexindo Aluminum Window Products etc. The price of aluminum windows for each material such as YKK and Alexindo or others have a significant difference in material prices.

Types of window profile thickness

The type of aluminum window finishing. Finishing with powder coating is more expensive than finishing anodize or CA.

Window size and designation

 We serve the procurement and installation of Aluminum Windows with various brands / aluminum products and finishing. At this time we are not able to serve the procurement and workmanship of aluminum windows with the number of units / retail / retail. The projects that we have been working on supplying and installing aluminum windows are office buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, factories and others.

Contact us if you want to order aluminum windows at the same time with the installation service, in addition we also provide procurement and fabrication of aluminum windows without installation. Material sent to the field is in the form of a window unit according to the picture, but outside the installation service. For this reason, all our aluminum window production and fabrication activities are carried out in our workshop.

We serve the procurement and installation of aluminum windows in all regions and major cities throughout Indonesia,

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