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Contractors Glass facade employment specialist ACP, Aluminum Glass Curtain Wall and for the exterior and interior. 

Glass Contractors is a line of work that we run since decades ago. Legally PT. Alumindo Copyright Horizon was founded in 2005 (ten years ago) in Jakarta.

Field Work That We Handle Covers Material Procurement and Installation:

1. Aluminum Composite Panel. Various brands can be installed such as: Seven, Alucobest, Alutile, Alumetalec, Alucopan, Howsolpan, Alcopanel, Alucobond etc ...
2. Curtain Wall. Various curtain wall system including: a back mullion two sided, back mullion joint glass / four-sided, expose frame system and others.
3. Glass Spider
4. Aluminum frames Aluminum doors and windows. Various types of aluminum products such as: Ex. YKK, Alakasa, Alexindo, Edico, Alcomexindo etc. Type aluminum doors and windows including: swing doors, sliding, folding, tipping windows, sliding windows, etc.
5. Louvre / louvre / sunscreen aluminum.
6. Window Wall
7. Doors and ceiling Spandrell Spandrell Aluminium.
8. Frameless Glass Doors, Frameless Glass Walls, Glass Partitions and Frameless Glass Rib.
9. Tempered Glass Canopy
10. Laminated Glass Canopy
11. Canopy ACP
12. Canopy Glass Spider
13. Railing Ladder of Glass and Stainless Steel.
14. Glass Shower Bath / Shower Box Bathroom.
15. Supply and installation of various kinds and types of glass include:

  • clear glass / plain,
  • sandblast glass,
  • frosted glass,
  • tempered glass,
  • color glass / tinted / panasap,
  • reflective glass / Stopsol,
  • laminated glass,
  • glasstone glass (glass a solid color that consists of white, black, pink, yellow),
  • acid etched glass,
  • acid mirror glass,
  • double glass,
  • dania pattern glass,
  • bevel glass,
  • curved glass,
  • bulletproof glass,
  • Glass printing,
  • glass ceramic,
  • crystal glass clear glass,
  • etc

Glass Contractors employment specialist Aluminum frames, Aluminium doors, Aluminium windows. Info Hub. 

In addition to serving the construction materials supply and installation of curtain wall fa├žade, acp and glass spider, we as a contractor Glass also serves the procurement and installation of materials for the work frame and glass interior. Such as procurement and installation of aluminum frames, aluminum windows, aluminum doors, glass doors, glass partitions, partition aluminum, aluminum louvre or aluminum jalousie, spandrell aluminum and so on.

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