•  Pasang Composite Panel Seven
  •  Pasang Composite Panel Seven

Services Description alumunium composite panel

Sell ​​Composite Panels Install Neat Seven Couple Good Quality.

Material Specifications We Different And Guaranteed Stronger Than Other Products:

1. Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding Or ACP Or Ex. Seven ACP, Alucopan, Alcopanel, Howsolpan, Alucobond, Alpolic, ALCOLUX, Alutile, Alumetalec Etc.

2. ACP Finish What We Use Only Type PVDF (Special For Exterior)

3. Frame ACP From Hollow Aluminum Thickness 1.2 Mm Mm Or Minimal 1 (Other products Was There That Much More Affordable For Using Hollow Hollow Galvanized Or Meni Partition. Type Hollow It Because Too Thin And Not Able to Withstand Screw Screw And Load Off ACP. Mostly Contractors Aluminium Experienced Never Using Hollow Galvanized Or Meni, And Is Not Recommended.

4. Elbow Binder ACP Aluminum Size 20x20 Mm With a thickness of 1.4 Mm. For High Rise Building We Use Aluminium stiffener.

5. Type Sealant Used Is a Type Neutral Sealant (Non Acid)

Seven pairs Composite Panel For Indonesia Regional.

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